We've been called jewelry snobs, and it's true.  Our standards are the highest there are. All of our jewelry for initial piercings is mirror-polished, implant grade material.  Our list of jewelry manufacturers is short, consisting of the elite superior with no substitutes. We offer some gold-smithing options and in house color anodizing of Titanium jewelry.
Jewelry we carry for initial piercings:
  • Anatometal
  • NeoMetal
  • Industrial Strength
  • LeRoi Fine Jewelry
  • Intrinsic Body Jewelry
  • SM316

Other brands we carry for healed piercings and stretched lobes:

  • Tawapa
  • Diablo Organics
  • Maya Jewelry
  • Oracle Body Jewelry
  • Omerica Organics
  • Safe Products
  • Glasswear Studios
  • Kaos Softwear
  • Buddha Jewelry Organics